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A new book offering a new inspiring lease on an often uncomfortable part of life.


A Caregiver’s Story of Navigating Family Issues Between Retirement and Transition

Caregiving is America’s ultimate challenge as our population ages. Yet few individuals have a comprehensive plan in place for dealing with the diminishing health of their loved ones. Mr. Bryson’s book presents a very intimate first person account of the current challenges that he and his family are navigating in their ongoing journey of caring for a parent that is twenty years into retirement.

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Marvin D. Bryson


Bryson was born into a military family that settled in the Washington, DC area when he was a 11 years old. He spent his formative years and early adult life in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area affectionately known as the DMV by its residents. A scholarship athlete and musician, Bryson eventually settled on a practical profession in the information technology field. After working to resolve the Y2K problem, Bryson made the fateful decision to apply his technical skills in a more creative way, study film editing, and change careers. His film studies led to a Hollywood career working in postproduction on programming for ABC, TLC and Lifetime among others; and most notably a five-season run on NBC’s historic “Law & Order” series franchise. Bryson has since returned to the DMV area where he is continuing his education in marketing, and working as a consulting producer, screenwriter, and author.

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